Bissell® Bronze PROheat 2X® Cleanshot® Pet Review

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If you are looking at home carpet cleaning machines, you'll soon find that most of the models are either Bissell or Hoover. Which is better? I've had both and I can tell you that they excel at different things. The Bissell machines have a roller brush that digs into your carpet and seems to get the carpet cleaner. The Hoover has rotating brushes that don't seem to get as much dirt out, but are gentler to your carpet. The Hoovers have separate clean water and dirty water tanks. For an equal size unit, it seems like Hoover holds more, The Hoover tanks are easier to clean but harder to empty. The Bissell has a one tank design where the clean water sits on top in an expanding/contracting bladder. The Bissell needs to be emptied more frequently but is easier to empty. For some reason, neither Bissell that I've had got the carpet as dry as the Hoover. This model Bissell at least, is quieter than my Hoover. I bought this model Bissell because it has the heater and the selector where you can choose the strength of the solution. I had the heated water on an earlier Bissell, and that's the one thing I missed on the Hoover. The pet brush is of questionable value. You might be better off getting the all-floors model with the hard floor attachment. The Cleanshot squirter seems of marginal usefulness, and you can probably do without it without missing it.
To summarize, here's the overall picture on Bissell vs. Hoover - if you value carpets that are as clean as possible, pick the Bissell. If you want the carpets not quite as clean but ready for furniture to be moved back in ASAP, pick the Hoover. The Hoover also needs less vacuuming after cleaning because it generates less loose carpet fiber. The Bissell is quieter. Either one is a whole lot better than nothing or renting a supermarket machine. If you are a party person and clean your carpets before you entertain, pick the Hoover. If you have pets and kids that get your carpets really nasty, get the Bissell.
FYI my Hoover was the earlier version of this one. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner, Black, F7412900 It's a little cheaper (usually) than this Bissell. My last Hoover and my last Bissell each lasted 4 years, with the last year being nursed along with improvised patch-ups.

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